Joost Jansen
illustrator, animator, friend
Sponge_Cover illustration.jpg

Sponge Magnet "Release the gimp"

SPONGEMAGNET releases his gimp

Spongemagnet’s debut EP raises a few questions. To begin with, its title: is it a commendable recommendation to let your inner gimp come out of the closet? Or is it the expression of a more Judaeo-Christian approach to the matter: “hate the gimping, but love the gimp”? The titles of the tracks are also subject to debate. “Bum Damage” sounds like something one might wake up to after a night of heavy drinking and insufficient amyl nitrite consumption. “Poon Quiver” refers to the shaking motion sometimes exhibited by female genitalia when reaching climax during some form of sexual activity. I’m not quite sure who the narrator of “Gimp Bisquit” is: the “gimper” or the “gimpee”? And is the “bisquit” of the gimp or for the gimp? As for “Plutonium Catwrap”, I would prefer abstaining from any attempt at explaining what it might mean in this chemically-preserved, plastic-wrapped world (but it sounds undeniably dirty). Now I don’t know about you, but I see a definite trend appearing. Bromance gone wrong.